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Yes, we are talking outdoor marquees not the classic 80’s sports car!

Planning an outdoor event can make for a wonderful occasion or one where Mother Nature arrives as an uninvited guest and spoils the party! With sufficient outdoor space, the Capri Marquee is the perfect solution for a Wedding, garden party or corporate function.

With it’s elegant contemporary design and it’s sweeping structure, the Capri creates a dramatic focus that adds a visually stunning feature to any event.

The marquee’s interior space is perfect for small or medium sets and with sealable side panels it can be closed to the elements should it start raining men (see what we did there).

Melissa’s 21st Birthday Celebrations

A suitable mobile set up capable of delivering clean basslines and high volumes of undistorted sound is a necessity for any outdoor event and our FenderTM and QSC setup brought the indoor clubsound outdoors!

Stylish, dramatic and individual, without a furry dice in sight, we love the Capri!